Sunday, March 21, 2010

2nd Orientation

Yesterday, I went to my second orientation it was long but fun. All the outbounds played this culture assimilation game which was good, and it gave us a chance to get to know eachother better. Also, there was a travel agent there and the first thing he did was ask us what countries we're goin to and then he told us how hard it woulf be to get a visa. So, before he got to be I was thinking france would be fairly easy to get a visa for but turns out I was wrong. He said getting a visa for France is very hard and involves me going down to Chicago and getting interveiwed, some of which will be in French... and if I do not arrive in France by August 26, 2010 my exchange will be terminated. SO, I'm a bit nervous but I have decided I have no reason to freak out yet so I will just calmly and patiently wait untill I get my guarantee forms back and begin the process...yea we'll see how long that lasts.We talked about packing (My goal is to bring one bag), our flights, insurance, visas/passports, and alot of other good stuff. At the end we were also giving a 12 page research paper to write about thats gonna keep me busy for a while.Anyways this orientation made everything seems so real, not that it wasnt real before but now its hitting me that i'll be gone next year. Oh, I also got my blazer! I ordered one form Forever 21 but it was too small so my mom gave me one of her old ones from work, funny how that worked out. I was gonan post a pic of it but I cant find my camera so i'll do thar later. Let's see.. upcoming events include the district conference on May 14- May 16 and Grand Rapids on July 8-July 11. Also, my outbound coordinator said my Guarentee forms should be coming back sometime in late April around the 20th so I'm really excited for that. And last but definatley not least spring break is in 9 school days..yeeesss!!



  1. Grand Rapids...Michigan? If it is that would be SOOOO weird...that's where I'm from, before I moved here about 2 years ago yeah congrats on the blazer!!! Mine is taking FOREVER to come in the mail...

  2. haha yea it is Grand Rapids Michigan..looong bus ride though from where I live though!!