Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Beginning .

Hey Everyone, this is a blog to documate my exchange year aborad in 2010-2011. At the moment I want to to go through Rotary, but if i don't get accepted I'm gonna go through AFS or YFU or some other porgram. I am a sophmore in higschool and I want to spend my junior year abroad-hopefully somewhere in europe. At first when I thought about spending a year abroad I only wanted to go to france, but now I realize I just want to go, preferably somewhere in europe but my mind is open to anywhere. I just contacted my local Rotary district (6270-if anyone is interested) and the guy told me to fill out the begining of the application (which is huge by the way) and then said a represetnative would contact me to set up an interveiw. I almost finished filling it out and plan on sending it in sometime this week. So, here is a rough time-line of the whole applcation process:

  • October = Club Interviews
  • November = District Interviews, $1,150 application fee
  • December = Accepted student application sent to Central States
  • January = Country assignment announced first orientation session
  • March = Second orientation session
  • April = Rotary District Conference
  • July = Grand Rapids Youth Exchange Conference (pictures)
  • August = Eleven month exchange begins

Ok, so i think that's it for now about exchange stuff got to go to a swim meet...