Friday, May 21, 2010

Gaurentee Forms!

Today I decided to go home for lunch and as I was walking passed my the door I noticed a large white enveloped addressed to me, I saw the return address was from my outbound coordinator and quickly ripped it open with my hear pounding. Much to my pleasure it was my GUARANTEE FORMS telling me my first two families, my school, allowance, ect. I was and still am on cloud nine, I wanted to go scream to the world that I HAVE MY HOST FAMILIES... but unfortunately I had to control myself and walk back to Chemistry class, with a very distracted mind. So, where am I going you ask? Well, I'm going to be living in Vallarius and Antibes ( where I will go to school). About 15-20 minutes from Cannes:
a pic of Vallauris

According to the forms, I'll take a 20 minute bus drive to school from my first host family. They have a son that will be going to America so I will be the only child. My second host family lives in Antibes and has a 12 year old son.

I'm am so excited to leave but am also really very scared about leaving everything behind and hope that I can adapt to such a different routine. I am so gratefull for this oppurtunity!

8 more days of shcools and 71 days untill I leave!!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Green Bay Confrence

Hello Everyone~
I haven't posted in a while and thought I should update everybody on whats been going on. This weekend was the 6270 District conference held in Green Bay. On Friday I got picked up by the bus and all of the 10-11 outbounds and the 09-10 inbounds drove up to the hotel. When we got there we ate lunch and got our room assignments then we practiced our flag ceremony for a looong time. Then, we changed into our nice cloths and blazers and performed the Flag ceremony for all the Rotarians and ate dinner. There was this rule that only one exchange student could be at a table so we all had to mingle with the Rotarians, which honestly isn't as bad as it sounds..haha. After dinner we had free time and all got to chill at the pool and hang around the hotel and talk about, well, everything. I spent some time with Inbound from France, Romain, and the inbound from Belgium, Pierre, and attempted to speak French with them. They were both really nice and said I had a good accent but when they spoke to each other in French I could barley pick up anything. We all stayed up until two just talking and I had a great time with my roommates( inbounds from Thailand, Twain, and the outbound to Italy) and we set our alarm for 6:30am. The next morning all of us reluctantly got out of bed and we ready by 7 then one of the girls looked at her cell phone and said "Wait, it's only 6am". Some idiot who was in our hotel room before us had made the clock an hour fast so we actually got up at 5:30am! Long story short, we were all EXHAUSTED. After breakfast we performed our "talent show" and at the end we all sung "Stand by me"( ). Overall, this weekend i got to meet so many amazing kids and it was really hard to leave. One hard thing about exchange is that you get to meet all these great people, but when you leave you know that there's a chance you'll never see them again. But, now I'm even more excited about this experience.

I haven't heard form my host family yet but i received and e-mail from a kid in France ( assuming he was my Student laison) saying that my neighboring cities would be Cannes, Antibes, and Vallarius. Cant wait till I know for sure! ]

Upcoming events:
  • END OF SCHOOL - June 9
  • World Affairs Seminar- June 26- July 2
  • 16th B-day - July 6
  • CSRYE conference in Grand Rapids Michigan- July 8- 11
  • ***LEAVE FOR FRANCE**** August 25, 2010
Some pics from the weekend