Friday, May 21, 2010

Gaurentee Forms!

Today I decided to go home for lunch and as I was walking passed my the door I noticed a large white enveloped addressed to me, I saw the return address was from my outbound coordinator and quickly ripped it open with my hear pounding. Much to my pleasure it was my GUARANTEE FORMS telling me my first two families, my school, allowance, ect. I was and still am on cloud nine, I wanted to go scream to the world that I HAVE MY HOST FAMILIES... but unfortunately I had to control myself and walk back to Chemistry class, with a very distracted mind. So, where am I going you ask? Well, I'm going to be living in Vallarius and Antibes ( where I will go to school). About 15-20 minutes from Cannes:
a pic of Vallauris

According to the forms, I'll take a 20 minute bus drive to school from my first host family. They have a son that will be going to America so I will be the only child. My second host family lives in Antibes and has a 12 year old son.

I'm am so excited to leave but am also really very scared about leaving everything behind and hope that I can adapt to such a different routine. I am so gratefull for this oppurtunity!

8 more days of shcools and 71 days untill I leave!!



  1. Hi! My name is Lily Wohl and I'm also a 2010-11 France outbound! I was googling to see if I could connect with anyone and I found your blog. I live in Florida, District 6970, and I'm off to 1740. The fact that you got your guarantee form is exciting because it means that France is getting them done (hence I will probably get mine done soon too). It would be great to talk sometime... If you wanna facebook me that would be cool :) Or email.... or... if you think I'm a creeper (which I hope you don't), then nothing at all. Haha. My email is and my fb is Lily Beth Wohl. Hopefully we can keep in contact!

  2. hey you re so lucky this place is so beautiful , and the weather is so great, my name is enora , im a french girl who will go in taiwan next year with the rotary ,

  3. Thankss! Where in France are you from?

  4. Hey!!
    I received my guarantee forms too!!!! FINALLY!
    They told me there are 2 trips with Rotary next year, one to France and Spain that costs 500 euros, and the big euro trip that costs 910 euros.
    I'm planning on going on both so hopefully I'll see you on those!!!

  5. oh wow those both sound amazing! I really want to go on both, but i gotta start saving ma moneyy! oh and congrats on getting your forms, isnt it excitng!

  6. It's SO exciting!!!
    And I've now created my blog for FRANCE!